Ultimate Palfish Guide!

If you are looking to become part of the awesome team of Official Kids Course teachers on Palfish, this guide is for you

Why Choose Palfish + Qualifcaions

Why Choose Palfish

  • Flexible, no fuss schedule
  • Teach from anywhere in the world!
  • Social platform for students and teachers to connect.
  • Great courseware!
  • Fantastic and dedicated students!
  • No Bachelor's Degree Required

Qualifications, Pay and Hours

  • Native English Speakers from US, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ or IRE
  • Fluent English Speakers with neutral accent from the Philippines.
  • $16-$22 USD per hour(NES)/180-260 PHP (Fillipino)
  • Only 3.5 required hours per week or 7 classes during BJT Peak Times.
  • Must have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or Equivilent teaching certificate.
  • NO Bachelor's Degree Required


Need more details? No problem!
Let's talk details!

Offical Kids Course Class Info

  • One-on-One Classes
  • 25 minutes in length
  • All Materials Provided
  • No Lesson Prep Required
  • Props Encouraged
  • Teachers must wear blue shirt
  • Classrooms must have Palfish logo
  • Feedback due 12 hours after completed class

The Students

  • Chineses Students
  • Zero Level Beginner - Advanced
  • Offical Age Range is 3-12 - It is not uncommon to have a slightly older student or slightly younger student.
  • Students book teachers - You can attract students by posting moments and doing live streams. Students are highly motivated so it is common for students to have multiple teachers.

Palfish Cancellation Poilcy

These rules apply for both regular and trial classes

Cancellations by the Student
1.Students can cancel formal lesson appointments 24 hours in advance.
2.Students will compensate the teachers ¥25 per appointment if they contact PalFish to cancel appointments within 3 hours.
NOTE: Teachers who have trials canceled within three hours of the appointment will get priority to be booked a new trial in that time slot. It means If a trial lesson is cancelled within 3 hours of its starting time, it will not show as cancelled on your appointments, as the system will try to fill it with a different class. However, if the PalFish system is unable to fill that slot with another trial 10 minutes before the starting time, the lesson will show up as cancelled on your schedule. You will then receive ¥25 as compensation for a cancelled class.

Cancellations by the Teacher
1.Teachers can cancel appointments 24 hours in advance without a monetary fine. You will be deducted one point for this.
2.Teachers can cancel all classes(formal and trial) within 24hours by themselves on the app without notifying admins. The fine is ¥50 per cancellation.

Hours and Pay

Get Paid to get paid - Click HERE to set up

Teachers are paid monthly through Payoneer. This operates similar to PayPal. Teachers are responsible for any associated fees. You can also link a bank account IF you have an account on mainland China.

Official Kids Course Teacher

Native English Speakers from US, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ or Ireland

  • $16 - $22 per hour
  • $15 bonus for trial conversions
  • $45 bonus for successful teacher referrals
  • 3.5 (7 classes) per week during peak times
  • Peak Hours are 5:30pm-9:00pm BJT Mon-Fri or 9am-9pm BJT Sat-Sun

Official Kids Course Teacher

Fluent English Speakers from the Philippines

  • 180-268 PHP per hour
  • Additional Bonuses
  • 3.5 (7 classes) per week during peak times
  • Peak Hours are 5:30pm-9:00pm BJT

Awesome! Let's get started!

Palfish has the fastest hiring process. You can be teaching in as little as 2-4 days! This guide will take you through the process for becoming an Official Kids Course Teacher.

1. Enter your phone number and hit 'Apply Now'

2. If you have not downloaded the app already, you will be redirected to your app store.

3. Download and install the app.

Native English Speakers Apply Here
Teachers from Philippines Apply Here

4. Enter your phone number once again to verify you phone number.

5. You will get a Verification code via SMS, enter into the Palfish app.

Now Let's Set-up your Profile

1. Enter Basic Details

After you enter your verification code, you will need to enter your basic information and upload a profile photo.

Note: The username you select is what will show are your teacher name on your profile. Pick something fun and friendly. It is OK to include emojis, in fact if your user name is taken adding emojis will allow you to use it.

You will get a pop-up that says “Welcome to PalFish! Please complete the introduction and recording, then wait for the verification.” Click “Do it now”. The app will bring you another information page. Click “do it now” once more.

2. Select Teaching Times

At this point, you will be directed to select the times you are available for class. You must select at least 7 time slots. You can open more slots during off peak hours after you pass your demo.

PLEASE NOTE: When you pass the application process, PalFish will automatically open these times for you. Only open slots during which you are available to teach.

3. Profile Set-up

You will be taken to your profile page. Please complete the following: Text Intro, Audio Intro, Nationality, Teaching Certificate, Started Teaching In, and Tags.

In the following steps I will provide more detail on what is needed in these sections.

4. Text Intro
Your text intro should be about 100 words and include:

1.Your name
2.Your nationality
3.Any areas of expertise that you will help attract the student base you desire.
4.What it will be like in your classroom.
5.Educational background
6.Professional Experience
7.Hobbies and Interests

Special Tip! Write in short concise sentences using simple language. You want your Chinese students to understand, this also can help with translations.

5. Audio Intro
Your text intro should be about 60 seconds and include:

1.Your name
2.Your nationality
3.Any areas of expertise that you will help attract the student base you desire.
4.What it will be like in your classroom.
5.Educational background
6.Professional Experience
7.Hobbies and Interests

Special Tip! Simply read your text intro. Speak slowly. Use a friendly and happy voice. Smile as you are talking, they will hear your smile!

6a. Nationality

Enter your nationality here (Where your passport is issued)

PLEASE NOTE: Once you enter your nationality you can't change it so be careful not to enter country of residence here if it differs.

6b. Nationality

Upload a copy of your passport, if you do not have a passport you can upload any identifiction document that will provide sufficent proof of your nationality.

PLEASE NOTE: It is best to upload a copy of your passport if you have it available. While other forms are acceptable, it can be harder for Palfish to verify your identity.

7. Started teaching in

You will be asked to enter the month and year you began teaching. If you are a new teacher you can simply use the current date.

7. Teaching Certificate

Here you must upload a photo of your 120-hour TESOL, TEFL, or Teacher’s Certificate.

9. Education - enter educational experience/background

10. Work - enter professional experience/background

11. Link Payment account

Link your Payoneer account. Set up your account using my referral link to earn $25.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to go and set up your Payoneer account first so you can simply link it here. Remember if you use my referral link we both get $25! 

12. Tags!

Tags on Palfish work just like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will help students search your profile.


After submitting you will get a result within 3 working days

When you pass Basic Information, you will be notified through the PalFish app. PalFish does not send out e-mail to its applicants.

When you open the app, you will see an option to “Book” an interview. This is not an interview with an actual person. It is a time slot in which you can record a demo class. Book a time to complete your “Interview” (demo video)

Part 3 - Passing your Demo!

First of all, passing your Palfish Demo is easy! It's all about preparation and practice! I will cover the basic tips you need to follow to be successful! You can also hop on over to YouTube and watch my video series for getting started on Palfish.

Getting your Palfish Classroom Set-up

Before you begin practicing for your demo and reviewing your course materials, take a moment and get your work environment ready. Practicing in a completely set up classroom will help you get in the right mindset for success!

  • Find a quiet room to work in. You want to are not in an area prone to noise. This is distracting for you and your student and can lead to a failed interview.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. A dark classroom and lessen the video quaility and efficacy of your teaching.
  • Set up your background and be sure to have the Palfish logo.
  • Create a set up for your phone, iPad or Tablet that will keep it from moving.
  • Buy yourself a blue shirt. (no tank tops). If you can't get one before the interview, be sure to where bright and cheerful colors.
  • Get some basic props together. If you don't have any, make some. They can be simple and homemade.

Self Intro, Classroom Intro & "Circle it"

During your Palfish demo class, BEFORE class begins you are required to give a short introduction of yourself, your classroom(props and style of teaching) and demostrate to Palfish how you will teach the student to "Circle it". This is not your student greeting. This is only for Palfish.

  • Self Intro should be short and simple. Be friendly, say "Hello" tell Palfish your name, where you are from and perhaps why you love teaching (be brief)
  • Introduce your classroom, show props you have and perhaps a sentence or two that will help them understand the type of teacher you are.
  • "Circle it" you simply need to show Palfish what method you will use to instruct the student to cirlce something during the class. Any method is fine.

Let's Start Practicing!

To really be successful you MUST practice for your demo! With Palfish once you schedule your interview you can enter the classroom as many times as you need to. This enables you to go through the class start to finish until you are comfortable. Be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  • You are teaching to a 5 year old with a zero base! Keep this in mind while you are practicing. All teaching strategies should be based around this.
  • Give your "student" a name! I find this helpful in connecting with a student who isn't there. I made up a name and personality that I would be teaching to. Trust me, this is helpful!
  • TPR!! If this is new for you, do some homework on basic TPR. Much of it will come naturally as it makes sense in how you are guiding the student to learn and interact with you. At the very least review TPR for speak, listening, good job and circle it.
  • Review all the slides and be sure you understand the "TG" this is teacher guidance. You do not have to follow exactly AS LONG AS the learning objective on each slide is met. This is designed to help you understand the learning objectives.
  • Practice your speaking speed and format. You should be speaking slowly and clearly with a focus on words over sentences. You DO want to use correct grammar even when shortening the sentences. OR just focus on getting the student to repeat the target word. Although there is not student there, this is going to show Palfish how you will teach to real students.
  • Palfish uses AR feature (filters), so get comfortable where these are. You are expected to use them during the lesson. While we are on features, get comfortable with where all the functions of the classroom are. They are basic (pen, eraser and zoom)
  • Nail your timing! Your class is 25 mins. Per Palfish guidelines you can finish the lesson proper at the 15 minute mark for your demo, the actual classes are 25 minutes. Shoot for a real life example of your class.
  • Lastly, make notes and stick them around your work station if you are afaid you might forget something. You got this!

Still Have Questions?

Still have questions? Once you use my referral link you can message me directly on the Palfish App to set up coaching!

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