• Hello Amazing Teachers!! This time of year can be slow and for online teachers (especially in your first year) that can be scary! But not to worry, this is a time to celebrate with your students! Ask them about their traditions and how they celebrate! Build those connections! Below is a timeline of events. Expect to be a little slow until Feb.
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    • Correction ( sorry Ima dope) Little New Year starts the 17th – 24th. Too much copy/pasta! lol

  • I believe there was ANOTHER issue logging in on the social board. 🙃
    You should now be able to log in without problems. Hopefully. 😏
  • Another one on the books! Wonderful! Great job @Sarah 😁
  • I just found a pretty critical bug that was preventing new users from being able to access parts of our website.

    This has since been fixed. 🤠

    New users can now freely post on the social board, and access all parts of the website. See relevant gif below. 🙃

  • New YouTube video being published today! T-Minus: 9 Hours! 😇
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