“Teach English Online, Learn English Online – TEOLEO”

What is TeoLeo for teachers?

TeoLeo allows online English teachers to showcase themselves as they please. The platform truly allows teachers to be a “private English tutor” with little to no restrictions imposed by the inherit platform (TeoLeo). Teachers decide many variables such as the following: What material is used within their classes, price point / cost to the student, teacher availability, how long their classes are, what kind of services they might offer – e.g, pay per minute, pay per lesson, pay per month, etc. TeoLeo is trying to offer the ultimate flexibility and freedom for its teachers.

What is TeoLeo for students?

Students can browse teachers, check out their profiles, see what services or courses they offer, what skill set the teacher decides to showcase, the teachers price point, and much more. TeoLeo also has a built in virtual classroom for students and teachers to use, albeit limited, it should serve its purpose while we’re getting off the ground. Students will not be listed publicly to preserve their privacy. The only time students will be visible is when they decide to interact on the social board, or contacting a teacher for services.

What phase of testing is TeoLeo in?

As of 6/15/19 we have officially moved into the Beta phase. Progress is coming along quite nicely,  and many new features have been added.  We are working on fixing some bugs here and there, but we are almost ready for a full product launch 🙂

How do I “TeoLeo”?

It’s easy! Have fun, be positive, be social, and interact with others. You can also fill out your profile and list your services, cover photo, profile picture, skill set, price point, etc etc. Click on the “profile” primary menu button and then click the “My profile”, then “Widgets” – This is where you mostly fill out your profile.

How do I become a teacher on TeoLeo?

Currently you can mark your signup as a “TeoTeacher” which means you’re interested in becoming a teacher on the platform. When we get to this bridge, we will cross it – but for the time being interested teachers should fill out their profile to make it look “pretty” and be active on the social board.

Is there a verification process to become a teacher on TeoLeo?

When we get to this point, there will definitely be a verification process. We think it’s too early to honestly say what that process will entail, but I can say that we will interview each individual and decide based on their respective English skill set. We don’t like the idea of turning away someone just because they are from one country or another, so keep that in mind.

How do I make money on TeoLeo?

Ah yes, the thing everyone’s truly interested in… well, as I have mentioned we are very early to this party. I don’t think there are any students on the platform quite yet, so I ask interested TeoTeachers to be please patient, be positive and be social – We will eventually push marketing to gather students, but the platform needs to be in tip-top shape before we start that process.

How do I download the TeoLeo app?

TeoLeo is what’s known as a progressive web application (PWA). While we plan on eventually developing a stand alone application for both Android and iOS, progressive web apps allow any device with a web browser to access the platform, this allows complete freedom, and no tie downs to one “type” of device. PWA’s are also very fast and allow for offline browsing!

To download our app please watch the video below, or follow the instructions below the video.

Step1:) Open Chrome web browser on mobile device, navigate to www.TeoLeo.app
Step2:) You should be prompted to “Add TEOLEO To Home screen” Tap on it, and click add.
Step3:) You should now have an app shortcut called “TEOLEO” either on your homescreen, or in your app tray, find & open it!
Step4:) Once the app is open, tap on the “Login” menu item. After signing in, you will receive the app notifications popup, tap “Allow”!

Congrats! You now have some of the latest and greatest tech, a Progressive Web App! (Side note, you can use Firefox, Opera, Chrome and a few others, but I recommend Chrome or Firefox) 👍

How do I add a cover photo? Or make my profile look pretty / filled out?

Click this link and it will skip into the video on how to do just that!