How does PalFish Ranking / Official Score Work? New PalFish Teacher Turning Point.

Good morning inspiring online English teachers & fellow PalFish teachers!

In this short blog post I want to talk about how the PalFish teacher ranking system works, AKA your PalFish “Official Score” and briefly what I like to call the “PalFish New Teacher Turning Point”.

Let’s get started!

This official score is very important as it dictates how much money you will be able to make in the following month. It’s pretty simple in concept, and works quite well in my opinion.

Here’s how it works: Each month you accumulate PalFish official points from quite a few different sources. Every month your score resets, but you retain the “rank” or “level” from how many points you acquired in that month. So for example, in your first month lets say you gain 315 PalFish Official Score points, the next month you will be Level 2, which means you earn about $9 per 25 minutes, or close to $18 an hour. In your second month on PalFish lets say your schedule picks up quite a bit (which it should) and you work many more classes and obtain level 3 with a total of 865 points. In the coming month you will earn about $9.60 per 25 minutes/lesson. So, close to $20 an hour if you factor in 50 minutes work time/per hour.

I believe for most PalFish teachers they get their PalFish official score points namely from each lesson taught, which is 5 points per. You are awarded 10 points for teacher referrals, 5 extra points for teaching during Beijing peak hours, and 20 points for no absences and 20 points for no lateness’s in the previous month. There are quite a few sources from which you can gain points, below are two screenshots to show a breakdown of PalFish’ level system and your comprehensive PalFish score. I also show my current months rank (8 days into the month). I typically hover just under level 4, which I found to be my sweet spot to not being overworked.

Your first month on PalFish will definitely be the  lowest paying, that’s for sure.

The reason for this is because you start at rank 0, or a PalFish official score of 0. There are other factors for a low first month pay such as being new to the platform, not having a reputation, etc. I would like to elaborate on those topics, but I want to stay focused on the topic at hand.

New PalFish teachers, please be patient in your first month! I can tell you first hand my first month was quite slow, and I was doing everything in my power to increase my bookings. After you complete the PalFish Official Kids Course Video interview PalFish will very slowly wean you into their system. You might start with only 1 or 2 trials a day, and then after a week you might be given 3 or 4 a day.

The PalFish New Teacher turning point.

This is something I noticed when I first started, the turning point. This “turning point moment” occurred when I sold my first PalFish trial lesson. I went from being given 3 or 4 trials a day to 6 or 7+, this is when things got more serious. I believe PalFish has “training wheels” on new teachers up until this turning point. Now what exactly that entails, well, use your imagination as I am not exactly sure but I did notice a huge increase of bookings after my first PalFish trial lesson conversion.

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