How many hours does PalFish require you work?

Good day all! Here’s an interesting one “What are the minimum hours I have to work for PalFish as an OKC (Official Kids Course) teacher”

I found quite a few PalFish teachers asking this very question. As I scrambled through my brain searching for a legitimate answer, I could not find one. So, as any pestering PalFish teacher/blog poster might do, I sent a message to the PalFish admin team 🙂 Here’s what they had to say.

PalFish is a great platform, don’t get me wrong! But one of the areas they seem to struggle with is informing their teachers of their internal practices. I’m not sure if they try and keep this information more secretive and on a need to know basis, but if you ask the PalFish admins (like I did) they will answer your question directly.

As it would seem, you are required to work a minimum of 3.5 hours per week for PalFish. This is something that I was completely unaware of and never saw any official bits of information concerning this topic. I believe what the PalFish admin is trying to say in his last message is that if you go under 3.5 hours per week, you will no longer receive PalFish appointment popup requests, and they subtly start to snuff you out, like a weak candle. Now, why the PalFish admin started off by saying 7 slots during peak hours, I’m not sure, maybe previous company policies? Or maybe they secretively prefer OKC PalFish teachers who are more open during peak hours, who knows… but at least we know officially how many hours you should work per week if you want to stay working on the PalFish online English teaching platform.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is this a fair practice by PalFish? Is this good or bad? Drop a comment below!

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Written by Jake
A relatively new teacher to the online English teaching platform PalFish! I love the idea of creating a helpful website for inspiring virtual English teachers. I'm hoping this eventually turns into a lovely, resourceful, centralized location for all things "teaching English online" - Teo.Today!
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