How to get through a sick day teaching English Online with PalFish – AH AH CHOO!

Good day!

Or maybe not, maybe you have a cold – Those are never fun…

Today I want to talk about how to get through an online English teaching day on PalFish while you have a nasty cold. These tips could potentially make or break your oh so very, dreary day. Sarah and I both got a pretty nasty common cold one right after the other. Speaking for hours at a time while having a sour throat and sneezing is not fun, but here are some tips that hopefully will help you get through this rough throat time.

Canceling lessons on PalFish

Now, I have never actually canceled a lesson because of a cold. However, I have read about how PalFish handles your sick days. I would advise against canceling a bunch of lessons as this will hurt you both in their “official point system” and they also deduct money from your wallet. You can appeal these cancellation fees, but you need an official doctors note. There’s a good chance PalFish will get irritated and put a “red mark” on your profile, so be careful!

Start your day off right

A hot shower might be the difference between a good day, and a bad day. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to defeat this cold. Blow your nose often, eat a healthy breakfast, get a good nights sleep, drink lots of water, try to reduce the amount of energy you spend – go into battery saving mode!

Honey lemon tea! Our hero! Our savior!

You bet we were going to the store almost every other day to buy more lemons and honey to sooth our throats.

Honey lemon tea is an age old cold remedy that has proven its effectiveness for countless years. The lemon helps destroy the mucus build up in  your sinuses, while the honey soothes your oh so itchy throat. I can say with good faith this tea allowed us to get through our sick days much easier. There’s plenty of recipes online if you need it, brew some hot water, throw some honey in, mix, add fresh lemon juice! Boom – cold killer.

Take a break.

If you know you’re coming on to a cold, try and close a few slots on your schedule. Similar to a lunch break, but more so for resting and drinking some tea. Try to do this ahead of time as you might find yourself booked way ahead, unable to unbook those slots! Then you’re stuck teaching English online for potentially hours on end…

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