How To Master The PalFish Reading App & Attract more PalFish Students

If you have joined the PalFish App as an English teacher and passed your Official Kids Course Interview, let me start off by congratulating you for that big achievement. You are now a part of a new family here on TeachEnglishOnline. Of course when you are starting off on the app as a new teacher you have to begin with some patience as you slowly build your new reputation to get more bookings. And like any other social media platform that has an algorithm for getting followers (more students in our case) … PalFish is no different! At the beginning you are going to question the amount of lessons that you are booked for and how many students will follow you, but it is all a process to build some credibility as a successful English teacher. You have to find ways to market yourself and prove why YOU should be a student’s teacher.

An excellent way to build your reputation can have something to do with the PalFish Reading App. The PalFish Reading App is meant as a way for teachers to to go into a network of the platform where it is filled with students, and find potential students to teach. Not only is it a great marketing tool for you to present your reading and speaking abilities to students, but if a student signs up because of you… you are awarded 200 Yuan and 20 points to move up in levels (which will ultimately get you more money per hour). The only problem that most people face with this is that the app is in Chinese. Luckily for you, I have mastered using the Reading app, and I will guide you in a tutorial of how to use it.

1. To begin with, go into the app store of your mobile phone or iPad device and type in “PalFish Grade Reading.” The PalFish Reading app appears to have a blue background with an orange and yellow fish blowing bubbles.

2. Once you have installed it, open up the app and press the blue “Log in” button. At the top right hand corner, there is a section that says “For students” and “For teachers.” You want to log in to the “For teachers” section with the phone number and password you used to create an account on the PalFish app.

Once you have logged in, you will see the PalFish Reading App homepage also known as “Books.” It looks like four little islands, and a ship floating on water. Let’s begin with the first island that has a castle with books on it. The first island is known as your “Library.” Here you will find books to read and record yourself reading so students can listen to you. There are 26 levels of books beginning from ‘A” as the easiest level of books, all the way up to level “Z,” which is for more advanced English students. There are such books with a “VIP” tag on them, and those books you have to pay to read them. Let’s begin with level A as an example.

  • For an example: The first book is “Numbers”
  • Press the orange speaking icon to hear a recording of the book.
  • Then press the orange microphone icon to record yourself reading that book.
  • You have the option of publishing that you have completed this book to your moments. This can help in attracting students to listen to your recordings.
  • You can also win points in the form of shells after you complete each book. I believe this portion can mostly help with rankings on the PalFish Reading app.
  • Once you have completed listening to and recording the book, the orange icons will turn green. This means that you already practiced on this book.

If you click on the actual book, a new page will appear where you can scroll down and listen to students’ recordings and like them. If you go back to the “Library” page there is also a green button that says “PK Arena,” here you can challenge students in a simple game. You begin the game by pressing the really large orange button at the button.

If we go back to the homepage and press the second island that appears to have a roller coaster. It will open up a section known as “Daily learning,” here you will be given a book to practice reading and record yourself practicing it. You are given a new book in “Daily learning” everyday that you use the reading app. In my personal experience, I always do the daily learning to begin with, but then after I have completed that, I go back into the first island and always choose an advanced book to read and record. The more advanced books are more interesting to read in my opinion, especially if you use exciting voices. This can attract plenty of students.

The third island that has a Ferris wheel is known as “Grow Up.” This is basically like the “Moments” section of the PalFish app, but usually kids are the ones that post in it. They post activities and achievements that they have accomplished. As a teacher, a good way to get more students can be by following the students and liking their videos, pictures, etc. I suggest leaving a comment in the video and actually watching the video since comments are more memorable and encouraging to students. You can also post on this section of the app if you would like to by pressing the orange button that says “post on grow up.”

If we go back to the homepage and press the fourth island that has a record player. This is used to find songs. I don’t personally use this portion of the app. It appears mostly for kids, but as a teacher maybe you can find some creative use to involve it in your classes or in a way to attract more students.

The fifth icon on the homepage that looks like a ship, when pressed opens up the “Discover” page. I also do not use this since the page is in Chinese, but feel free to play with it and check new things out.

At the top right hand corner of the homepage there is a bell icon. Here are your notifications. This means that any messages, comments, likes, etc. or anything that has to do with the PalFish app or the PalFish Reading app, you will get notified.

If you go to the bottom of the page and press the second icon that says “Class,” here you can create a class and assign homework to students and give them points if they complete their homework. This allows there to be student and teacher engagement on the app. You can create a class by pressing the ‘+’ at the top right hand corner.

I skip the “VIP Zone” portion of the app because you have to pay to use it to find new books or activities, so that section I believe it is more for students than a teacher. However, feel free to use it if you’d like.

Next up, we are at the fourth icon at the bottom of the app known as “Achievements.” Here at the top right hand corner, it will tell you a number next to an amount of shells. You can trade shells for some of the critters that are shown as you scroll through the page and these critters will show up in your homepage. Again, this is more of reward for the students, but I still use it to engage in the app. You can always share your new achievements onto the PalFish app since students also go on it, and this is a way to demonstrate that you are a consistent teacher on PalFish. For example, I received this certificate after listening to and recording ten books as a form of achievement… which I posted onto my moments and got likes from various students.

The last and final icon at the bottom of the PalFish Reading app is your profile. Your profile from the regular app will be synced in to the reading app. For the most part, the majority of this page is more for students, but you can invite the friends that have used your invite code in the “Services” section, where it says “Invite Friends.”

That is pretty much it on how to use the PalFish Reading app. It looks difficult to master at first because it is in Chinese, but once you get the hang of it… it becomes much more simple, and a great strategy that teachers can use to find new students. I recommend to try to get on the app for at least a few minutes daily, if you can. This shows a lot of engagement which students and parents pay attention to and ultimately it can get you more bookings.

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