Mariann’s PalFish Marketing Strategies for New Teachers

So you have officially begun your PalFish journey, and now you are under the impression that patience and seniority is what is going to attract students to your profile.


I mean yes, it can… possibly. However, I am not the type of person that can have that much patience to wait about six months to get a busy schedule. I have enough patience to realize that the first month will be the slowest, and as Jake has mentioned in past blog posts, you will experience a turning point after a period of time where you receive a desired amount of bookings by the PalFish team. On the other hand, there are so many strategies that you can use to draw the attention of PalFish Team Members and potential students to your profile. In this blog post I am going to go over my personal marketing strategies that I have acquired through trial-and-error as a new teacher on PalFish.

Let me begin with putting a statement out into the world that I have said before. Think of PalFish for a second like Youtube or Instagram. Those social media platforms have their influencers,” meaning people with a high amount of followers. How do they get all these followers you may ask? Well to begin with, they are people who are extremely consistent, disciplined, and they use every feature of the platform to their advantage. So, PalFish is no different! I am almost ninety-nine percent sure that the PalFish Team has an algorithm that they use to choose their most successful teachers. Hence, with more success equals more bookings.

With this in mind, let me also state that these marketing strategies will not work for you if you are canceling classes, showing up late to classes, getting complaints or low ratings, or even not dedicating enough time on the platform. You have to prove why you deserve to have a booked and busy schedule. The reality of it is that there are so many teachers willing to put their maximum effort into the job, so you definitely have to prove that you are an asset, and that you would like to be promoted… like in any another job.

And with that being said, if you do not have any of the problems above, here are my marketing strategies:

1. Posting Free Lives

  • Live videos can be an amazing opportunity to make money, but as you are trying to build a reputation on PalFish; creating free live videos on interesting topics can be a great way for potential students to get to know you and your English speaking abilities.
  • Adding photos to your lives in my experience is really entertaining. I personally get more viewers when I am presenting my photos.
  • Teaching English is a nice concept to learn on lives depending on your audience, but I also have learned that a lot of students are interested in conversations like “Q&A” or a topic that they can get to know your location, or your ideas (as long as they’re positive and appropriate).
  • Also, I have received lucky money in my free lives. This is always something positive because the lives are meant to be free so this a like a way of receiving positive feedback from your audience.
  • Lucky Money is money that people on PalFish can send you as a gift in your live sessions.

2.   Posting Moments

  • Posting moments attracts the attention of potential students. Imagine using the app, and you’re on the moments page; if every time a student refreshes that page, you are one of the people posting consistently… well then they may be intrigued in taking a look at your profile and possibly booking a class with you.
  • Personally, I create a “To Do” list every night before I go to bed, and I set an amount of posts that I would like to post the following day at certain times so I can engage with my audience.
  • Moments can be achievements on the app, pictures, videos, voice memos, riddles, etc.
  • Also, I try to add a photo of great quality whether it’s a nature photo or a portrait from my camera roll at least once a day, and I edit it to look really cool. I think it’s a nice touch, and it’s actually helped me get more followers in a short period of time. Remember, you are not just an English teacher, but a wonderful human being. Be yourself, and have fun!
  • I believe you have to take it serious and plan out what you are going to post, and engage with your audience in the app so you can build a reputation even if you are not a particular student’s teacher… yet.

3.   Using PalFish Reading.

  • In my personal opinion, the PalFish Reading App when mastered is one of the best marketing tools offered to you. Not only can you record yourself reading books, but you can find potential students on the third island of the homepage known as “Grow Up.” You can follow, comment, and like students’ posts.
  • For the most part, parents in China monitor their children’s usage on the PalFish Reading app, so not only should you catch the interest of the students, but also the interest of their parents and demonstrate to them that you would be one of the best qualified teachers that their child can learn from. Remember, the parents have the final say in their child’s education.

4.   Creating Lessons

  • This is not absolutely necessary, but creating lessons that you are knowledgeable in can boost students’ interest. For example, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in biology, and thought maybe I can create a lesson in that subject and promote it through my moments and lives for any students who are interested in learning biology.
  • You can create a lesson about absolutely anything you feel comfortable teaching.

5.   Cheap Freetalk

  • Freetalk is an excellent way to make money during your PalFish working hours when you are not busy. You can speak to students and talk to them about your lesson packages and possibly try to sell some of them to students (in a non-aggressive way) which will guarantees bookings.
  • Also, students will leave reviews after freetalk and even though that may not completely affect your Official Score, it will show positive reviews on your profile page from callers.
  • To achieve this, I recommend lowering your rate for students to actually call you. I have had a high rate and a low rate before, and I only get free talk calls if it is within my lesson package or if its at a cheap rate. For example, you can play with your rates and set a trial rate at 0.9 Yuan/ minute and a set rate of 1.0 Yuan/ minute. You can play with your rate over time to set a price that you are comfortable with. But, please remember you can only change your rates twice a month.
  • Also, I suggest to set the time slots you want for the OKC as “Official Kids Course Only.”  This is because if you are receiving a lot of appointments for freetalk during peak hours… you can lose money.

I believed the most important thing of all these marketing strategies mentioned is that you should be mindful of the time in which you are posting on the app. Meaning be conscious that your audience is predominantly Chinese people, so you should post things on the app during peak hours in their time zone so people can actually see them and find your profile.

Being an online English teacher on PalFish requires a certain amount of dedication and time to become successful in receiving bookings. I hope this blog post can help aid teachers in correcting some mistakes they may be making, or can give existing successful teachers some ideas for improvements to attract more students.

Remember the key is to work smarter, not harder.

Please feel free to leave me feedback and or ask any questions. If you like this article, and thinking about joining PalFish, here is my referral link:

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