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    9 months, 1 week ago
    hi, ihave taught elementary efucation for 28 years. i retired in may 2018 and have been substitute traching in the town i live and i also work online as a teacher part time. i am looking forward to meeting new students to teach and het to know. i have lived in oklahoma all my life. i have 3 successful grown daughters (jennifer is works as an independent contrator for the DOD as a me hanical engineer, Emma is a pharmacist at a nearby hospital, and Jeri is a manager at a Petsmart. i have twin grand daughters that ate 1. i have a dog named JJ and a cat Misti. i am the youngest of 4 children. i take care of my aged parents taking them whete they need to go. i cant wait to start teaching students on this site.
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    • Nice to meet you and welcome to TeoLeo! Right now we are still in the process of buffing out TeoLeo, but very soon we are shooting to acquire students here on TeoLeo 🙂

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