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    9 months, 2 weeks ago
    Hello friends on this online teaching world. 📚👋🏼 I wanted to inform you all that just like every job, online teaching also does have a slow season. It is usually between the months of April-May. Also, exam season in China is in June. Summer vacation for the students begins anywhere from 06/07 – 07/1… depending on the province in China that the student lives in.
    So please do not feel discouraged if you do not have your desired amount of bookings. It’s not just you, it’s lots of us that experience this. Summertime (07/01-09/01) is always expected to be extremely busy so be prepared to open up your schedule (if you can) and teach as early as 10AM Beijing time if you’re up for it!
    **TIP: Spend your down time looking at fun techniques to keep current and potential students engaged in lessons. You can also use this time as a way of marketing yourself better so when parents look for their summer teacher… your profile will stand out to them!
    • I wish there was a way for us teachers to stay better informed about these seemingly random events that interfere with teaching. 😂

      • My friend from another platform sent me the entire calendar for chinese holidays… so I am definitely ready!!! Even though, I am taking full advantage of having my morniings off this week. I feel like I’m on vacation. What a luxury.

        • Awesome! Can you post that here maybe? It would be so useful to the teachers to have a copy of the calendar🤩

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Hi!!! My name is Mariann. I am from Miami, Florida, U.S.A., but currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain. I graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in biology and I have completed a 150 hour TEFL/TESOL Course with a grade A. My teaching method involves assessing each student's English level in a trial based lesson, and then providing a personalized and state-of-the-art learning plan that meets each student's needs. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me through the TEOLEO. I can't wait to be your teacher!

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