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    1 month ago
    Hello Amazing Teachers!! This time of year can be slow and for online teachers (especially in your first year) that can be scary! But not to worry, this is a time to celebrate with your students! Ask them about their traditions and how they celebrate! Build those connections! Below is a timeline of events. Expect to be a little slow until Feb.
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    • Correction ( sorry Ima dope) Little New Year starts the 17th – 24th. Too much copy/pasta! lol

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ESL/TEFL Certified Teacher

Hello, my name is Sarah, to my students, I am Teacher Sarah. I began this journey simply because teaching has always been a dream of mine. Life had other lessons for me to learn before arriving here. My life experiences are one of the things that make me an excellent teacher. Teaching online opens new doors for those of you out there with a heart for teaching and a desire to adventure this big beautiful world. Teaching online allows so much freedom, all while changing the lives of students and teachers all around the world. I want to share my journey in online teaching, living outside the lines, and doing what makes me happy.

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