PalFish Probation – “Do Not Pass Go!” – OOPS, I missed a PalFish class!

Hello Online English Teachers & Inspiring PalFish Teachers,

Today I want to talk about a little known secret on the PalFish platform. PalFish probation… yep, you heard me!

Here’s the deal, if you miss a scheduled lesson, PalFish trial lesson or a PalFish Official Kids Course class, you will be harshly penalized. Ask me how I know…

Here’s exactly what happens if you miss a PalFish trial lesson:

  1. You are deducted $15.
  2. You are deducted 20 points towards your PalFish official score.
  3. Worst of all, you are put on a probation period for 5-10 days.

Backstory & How PalFish Lesson Popups Work

PalFish will send out notifications for lessons that are canceled by other teachers that need to be picked up.

This is a great feature for when you first start on PalFish as it allows you to quickly fill up your schedule. Keep in mind, you need to be paying attention and have your PalFish app open, waiting for those prompts. Also keep in mind that PalFish will prompt you to pick up appointments EVEN IF YOUR SCHEDULE IS CLOSED ON THAT TIME SLOT.

I cannot stress this enough, be careful! This is where I made my first mistake on PalFish. I was too eager and immediately picked up every lesson that popped up, including the appointment that was at 3AM…

PalFish Tip: Other PalFish teachers are VERY eager to pick up those dropped lessons, so if you want to grab them, you need to decide in about 1-2 seconds if you can actually work it, and then click accept appointment.

PalFish Probation Explained – The little known secret

As you probably guessed, I did in fact miss that 3AM PalFish lesson that I mistakenly accepted. I woke up that morning and realized that I had messed up.

This happened about 6-7 days into my PalFish Official Kids Course career, and what followed definitely set me back at least a full week. I went from being given say 2 or 3 trials per day to 0. Of course I messaged the PalFish admins and asked why I wasn’t receiving any more trial lessons, but the will deny the fact that the probation period even exist.

PalFish Appeals

PalFish takes your absences very seriously. If you miss a total of 6 lessons in a 6 month span, they will un-qualify you as a PalFish Official Kids Course teacher. Now, you can appeal the absence, but PalFish requires a small deposit of about $4 to create the appeal. If your appeal is not accepted, you lose the deposit and get on PalFish’ bad side. You’re basically doubling down, so if you appeal, make sure you are in the right otherwise you’re just making things worse on yourself. PalFish does ask for an explanation as to why you missed the lesson, I was honest and simply said I picked up a lesson thinking it was 3PM, not AM, what a silly mistake!

How to reduce your PalFish probation period

This bit is completely subjective, I do not know for a fact the things I did helped me get off my PalFish probation, just conclusions I was able to draw.

I have spoken with other PalFish teachers and have been told the PalFish probation period can last anywhere from 4-5 days, up to 8-10 days. When I was put on probation, I started doing free PalFish live sessions to attract new students.

I also lowered my PalFish freetalk per minute rate to attract more students. I think I basically showed the PalFish team that I REALLY wanted to work as a PalFish teacher, and this eagerness reduced the probation period. In total, I was not receiving trial lessons for at least 4 days, but they slowly started booking me again after about 5 days or so.

Something very interesting happened while I was promoting myself doing the “Free PalFish Live Sessions”. I had a parent who wanted to book me directly, and had attempted to do so, but was unable due to a technical problem. To me, this is proof that not only does the PalFish probation period exist, but that you can reduce your PalFish probation period by doing free live sessions and showing the PalFish team you will not go down quietly.

The moral so this story is this… DO NOT MISS A PALFISH LESSON. It will bite you in the bite and slow down your PalFish career. If you do miss a lesson, and notice you’re no longer receiving PalFish trials, start doing free live sessions or start doing more freetalks! Show the PalFish team you want to get off your probation due to good behavior 🙂

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