Step 3 – A clear breakdown on how to pass your PalFish Official Kids Course Interview Video!

Congrats! You passed your PalFish Application!

All that’s left is to pass your PalFish Kids Course official interview.

This is the meat and potatoes of PalFish.


After you have uploaded all of the required information in step 2, and have been verified by the PalFish team, you can click on the blue banner on the apps home screen.  Then, you should be presented with a screen to schedule your self video interview. You should be able to access this appointment from the “Appointments” section of the app. The interview is 25 minutes long, which means your video recording should be AT LEAST that. Personally, I would shoot for 25-27 minutes.

Once you complete the video recording it will take a few days for the PalFish team to decide if you passed or not, figures crossed!

Tips and Advice to Pass your PalFish Official Kids Course Interview

Prepping for the interview is critical. Here’s a list of things I highly suggest you do before your interview day.

If you follow the advice below I can 100% assure you that you will pass your PalFish Official Kids course interview.

  1. You should be able to access your interview appointment from the “Appointments” section of the app. Go into the interview room ahead of time and review the slides and become familiarized with them. Understand what they’re asking you to do. They may seem simple, but you don’t want to be caught off-guard.
  2. Time management. Make sure your video recording is at least 25 minutes. Try to spend around a minute per slide as I believe there are 19 slides in the interview material. You will be talking about animals such as dogs, rabbits, monkeys, fish and the like.
  3. USE TPR aka Total Physical Response – this is a big one! This is something the PalFish team will be looking for in your video interview. Communicate with bodily motion. If you want the student to repeat something you’ve said cup your ear with your hand, turn your head so your ear is facing your phone, wait 3-4 seconds. If you want show the student they did a good job give them a thumbs up, or say “GIVE ME HIGH FIVE!” and sort of virtually slap your cellphone. Point to your mouth to indicate you are talking, and they should be listening. Try to talk with your hands, here’s an interesting article that suggests talking with your hands help express your ideas.
  4. A few minutes are allocated at the beginning of the interview to introduce yourself, showcase your props and classroom, and to say hello to your imaginary student. Asking questions like “What’s your name?” & “How old are you?”, “Nice to meet you!” are all great introduction lines. If you can find any of the following stuffed animals, they will help greatly! Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, monkeys, fish.
    1. Classroom showcase; make sure you have something colorful and “educational-esk” behind you. For example, a poster that has a map on it, or the ABC’s, or animals, you get the point.
  5. Make sure to speak very slowly, and clearly. Remember, you are teaching to an imaginary student who speaks zero English.  Also, if you have an accent try to neutralize it as much as possible, PalFish has stated they like very neutral American English accents.
  6. Wear a blue tshirt/polo/long sleeve. PalFish loves to see a blue shirt/polo during classes. If you have a shirt that is royal blue, even better!
  7. You will be asked to explain how to “circle something on the screen“. Typically, doing an “air” circle with your finger and slowly saying “Can you circle” will get the point across. You may want to get a piece of paper and draw say, a tree, a flower and a bug. Get a marker and ask the student “Can you circle the tree?” and then you circle the tree on your paper. This is a good way to give the student an example of “how to circle” something. You could do this on the app slide and draw on the screen, same concept.
  8. There is a little “AR” button at the bottom right of each virtual classroom, try to utilize the PalFish Augmented Reality feature. I have come to realize how powerful this tool is, and how under utilized it once was. If you come to a slide and it’s talking about a dog, apply the PalFish Dog AR feature. Point to yourself and say “What animal is this?”. I have noticed the PalFish team is very proud of the AR feature and like to push teachers to use it during trial lessons.
  9. Try to have fun. Definitely have a smile on your face and try to be some what energetic. If you’re having fun, the student will have fun. I am decently introverted, so being “super energetic” is not a strong suit of my to say the least. But during the interview you need to try and showcase what you “could” do if you passed the PalFish Official Kids Course interview!
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