What can you expect in your first month of teaching English online with PalFish

Congrats! You passed your PalFish Official Kids Course interview and you’re on your way!

Your schedule is open as much as possible, your posting moments and maybe even doing free live sessions!

Now what?

Week 1

PalFish will start to slowly give you trial lessons, in your first week you can expect 1-4 trials a day, especially during the weekends and even more so during PalFish peak hours. Of course this will vary person to person, schedule to schedule, and how well your “throwing” yourself out there. The overseeing PalFish eye is watching, and the training wheels are on at the moment. I think it’s in your best PalFish career interest to really go all out during this time period – It is sort of a “make or break” period.


I have heard from previous PalFish teachers that if you do not eventually sell a PalFish trial lesson, they slowly start to wean you, giving you less and less trials, eventually none. (I have yet to confirm this, but I take the person on good faith who it didn’t work out for)

If you really want to take this seriously, I strongly urge you to have your phone on and ready to accept “PalFish appointment required” popups.

Week 2

In your second week you can expect to receive maybe 2-5 trial lessons per day, give or  take. Again, largely dependent upon how well your doing on the platform overall. I have a feeling that PalFish probably monitors your progress during your infancy on PalFish, and will give you more or less classes judging on how you do. Make sure you are using TPR and getting your trial students to laugh and have fun!

Week 3

In your third week on PalFish you will probably continue to receive 3-6+ trial lessons per day. Eventually you’ll get to what I like to call the “PalFish Teacher Turning Point” – this occurs when you sell your first trial lesson and a student converts to the PalFish official kids course. At this point, it’s in my opinion that PalFish takes off the training wheels and you become a “Normal PalFish OKC teacher”. After you reach the turning point, you will notice PalFish really starts to throw more lessons at you.

Week 4

Your fourth+ week on PalFish is sort of a plateau. The upswing after you sell a PalFish trial package is really when things started to gain velocity. You will very soon receive your first paycheck which I would estimate to be around let’s say $600-$1000 on average. Going forward, the size of your paycheck ultimately depends on how many hours you want to work, and what levels in their ranking system you can achieve. Moving into week 5 and week 6 you’ll start to acquire regular students, but I’ll elaborate on that in our next post!

I’ll continue this series and write a part 2, or month 2 “what can you expect”.

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Written by Jake
A relatively new teacher to the online English teaching platform PalFish! I love the idea of creating a helpful website for inspiring virtual English teachers. I'm hoping this eventually turns into a lovely, resourceful, centralized location for all things "teaching English online" - Teo.Today!
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