Why PalFish trials are harder than PalFish Offical Kids Course lessons

This might be an odd topic, but I wanted to talk about it. In my opinion, PalFish trial lessons are much more energy consuming and require much more care. PalFish OKC students typically have a much better grasp on English than say a trial student. For me, this is the primary reason why I steer away from trials, they simply consume too much of my low energy self.

Cool, calm, and collected – That’s me! When it comes to trial lessons, it’s quite the opposite. You’re typically not very calm, or cool, I would say maybe excited and even hot from swinging your arms around so much entertaining the trial student. Some people can keep up this energy on a daily basis, for hours on end, but that’s simply not me. I would much rather prefer working with a student who is decently progressed into PalFish’ lesson material. Working with OKC students allows me to be much calmer and collected, which is more my natural self. It’s less about entertaining the student and more about providing a quality English lesson.

Running with that thought, I have found myself blocking off the majority of my PalFish schedule for OKC classes only. I had my fair share of trial lessons, and I would go on to say that I did a pretty good job of selling PalFish trial lessons at the end of the day. I have spoken with other more vetted PalFish teachers and was informed anything above 6-8% trial conversion rate was really good.

PalFish trial bonuses use to be a little bit juicer of a bone. As of a few weeks ago, PalFish reduced the PalFish trial lesson bonus from $30 to $15. Don’t get me wrong! $15 is still a nice bonus, especially if your schedule consists of 70%+ trials, you will see quite a few conversions attached with a nice little bonus. Further, if you compare PalFish’ bonus trial payout amount, it’s still a very fair and competitive with other platforms.

Hopefully this blog post has been insightful! I wanted to inform the more reclusive people that you can teach on these online English platforms. You might be inundated with trials when you first start, but give it time and you will eventually have a full schedule with PalFish official kids course students who are on the same energy levels as yourself.

Carry on teachers! Carry on!

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Written by Jake
A relatively new teacher to the online English teaching platform PalFish! I love the idea of creating a helpful website for inspiring virtual English teachers. I'm hoping this eventually turns into a lovely, resourceful, centralized location for all things "teaching English online" - Teo.Today!
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