Working for PalFish as an Introvert vs Extrovert

I’ve had a ton of interesting questions from people are who interested in teaching English online. One of the main concerns or questions I get asked is “What if I’m not the teaching type?” or “I think i’m too quiet, can I still teach English online with PalFish?”. Short answer, YES!

Teaching on PalFish as an Introvert

Let me dispel any concerns that you might have about wanting to teach English online. I was in the exact same shoes as you are now, worried about the fact that i’m introverted, or that I’m not a kids person, or that I’ve had very little experience dealing with kids. I am your prime example! I am nearing 200 teaching hours on the PalFish platform and things couldn’t be better. Sure, it took some minor adjusting in the beginning, but I would argue being more “cool, calm and collected” has actually helped me acquire more students than normal on PalFish. Not all students and parents are looking for a highly energetic teacher. Being in the minority as an “introvert” puts you in a smaller pool for the parents to pick from which I think is favorable.

Prior to teaching on PalFish I had practically no experience with kids. There was definitely an awkward stage when I first started with PalFish, but as days went by, the material became more familiar and I began to see my students on a regular basis.  You will get to this point as well, you just have to endure the unfamiliarity of a new process. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Tip; During your interview you should be smiling, happy and excited to have the opportunity to become an online English teacher. If there is a time I can suggest you “put on a face”, it’s during the PalFish Official Kids Course interview. After you pass your interview, it is completely up to you how “bubbly” or “energetic” you want to be with your students.

Teaching on PalFish as an Extrovert

This blog post is really intended for more introverts, but I wanted to write something for the extroverts as well. I would estimate the majority of teachers on PalFish are extroverted. I think this comes with the territory, people who want to teach typically are extroverted, energetic, and very bubbly. This is what PalFish looks for during the interview process, they want you to be smiley, happy, and fun. Finding students should be relatively easy for the extrovert. I believe PalFish has plethora of students which means there is plenty of students to go around for both introverts and extroverts.

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