“You only go around once.” – Positivity & Productivity

I wanted to say thank you to Jay Riley for the great title and motivating me to write a blog post after pulling away from writing for some time. Thanks, James! If you haven’t already, definitely check out Jay’s website, he has plenty of great material: ESL Gypsy

Just a quick overview; today I’m hoping to invoke relaxation, positivity, productivity, and maybe even a smile. With no lack of negativity and hate out there on the internet, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day game called life. I want to start this blog post off with some pure relaxation. I know it might sound strange; however, stick with me and allow me to enter your brain space, I mean no harm.

The game is to be where you are, be as honestly and consciously as you know how.

– Unknown


Let’s first take just a moment to imagine the following: A beautiful metallic vase floating effortlessly above endless glistening water. Each time you breathe in, imagine the vase slowly dipping into the water filling up to the brim. In-hale as much as you can; imagine the water is slowly caressing the lip of the vase. Exhale deeply and slowly…visualizing the water softly pouring out of this lovely metallic vase as you fully contract your lungs. Hear the water pouring out effortlessly. Again…inhale slowly and deeply, imagining the water entering this sublime vase ever so effortlessly. At the peak of your inhale, visualize the sun bouncing off this perfectly shaped vase, hold your breath for just a few seconds…deeply exhale. Your thoughts are fleeting. If you find yourself becoming distracted, come back to center, and imagine the vase again. Imagine the water, imagine the beauty, feel the calmness deep inside you. Now close your eyes and take a few minutes out of your stimulated day to simply breath. Focus only on the water flowing in and out of this vase.

Relax, take a deep breath...


Now that you are relaxed; let’s talk about what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of human lives, positive energy. I’m not wise by any means. That said, recently; I have realized that positive energy can latch on to you and in turn spread to others. The people and things that surround you can improve or worsen your life. Be aware of these things. Exile the bad, welcome the good. Negative energy spreads easier than positive. Be aware of these things. Work towards being a positive influence on others, as I am to you. I want to awaken something deep inside you that you may or may not have known was there. If I can do that, hopefully, you will pay it forward and thus the positive energy keeps flowing. Think positive!

Positive ideas & energy spread, if you let them.

– Jayco Joerin

Alternatively, I believe that it’s quite normal to get sucked into the matrix. Society and its intricacies are a very powerful thing. You’re born into a predefined system with many ideas, both positive and negative floating around. I completely understand how you can get sucked into this endless void of negativity, or ignorance. Sometimes you need to take a BIG step back and think BIG picture. What’s making you happy? What’s making you sad? How can I increase the things that are positive while discarding the negative things? Be aware of the things that are negatively impacting your life and try to remove them.


The realization of knowing you’re apart of the rat race can be a bit overwhelming, so I hope you’re still relaxed. Be calm, think of the water softly exiting the vase…breath. Now, let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about productivity.

To achieve a high level of productivity, you need positivity. For positivity, you need a calm and clear mind. Staying productive and forward-thinking is very healthy, idling and stagnating are not. Imagine your life like a chess game. In chess, you are constantly planning your next move. This concept should be applied to everyday life to increase productivity. Always have a detailed plan of action as well as a backup plan. To improve your productivity further, set deadlines! Make a date and commit yourself to it, follow your plan of action, and execute flawlessly. I hope through these words have inspired you or taught you something new.

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  1. Great article Jake! I feel like I was transcended to a peaceful zen-like garden for a moment!

    • Thanks. Sounds cheesy, but if you actually do it, magical stuff.

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